Perforated metal sheet

OIB srl, production of perforated metal sheets and processing of steel products.

In the Italian plants, we produce standard perforated metal sheets and custom-made perforated metal sheets in according to the customer's design.

Perforated metal sheets are required for many applications, given their infinite sizes.

Holes can be ROUND, SQUARE, RHOMBOIDAL , RECTANGULAR, ROUND END SLOTS, FANTASY PATTERNS, specially customized on the basis of the client's moulding.

We are able to offer a large assortment of standard plates for small and large lots with different hole shapes, thicknesses and materials in the three commercial sizes: 1x2 meters, 1.25x2.5, 1.5x3.

Furthermore, perforated plates can be customized: dimensions, solid edges, type of drilling and pitch can be modified for a customized solution.

An advantage of the perforated plate with respect to the metal mesh and to the expanded metal, is constituted by the fact that it can have non-perforated perimeter edges, and so also other non-perforated fields, based on the indications given by the applicant.

Perforated plates are versatile and can be processed using our processing steps: laser and plasma cut, punching, shearing, bending and welding.

They can be used, for example, for the creation of internal or external railings. In the industrial field they can be used for filters, ventilation and protection.

Perforated metal sheets are used in different environments:
• AGRICULTURE for beekeeping, fish farming, grain dryers, hammer mills, silo ventilation, thresher screens
• CONSTRUCTION for floors and stairs, walkways and railings, pipe and radiator covers, signs, ventilation grilles
• CHEMICAL INDUSTRY for centrifuges, baskets, filters, sprayers or atomizers
• ELECTROTECHNICS for distribution panels, separators for accumulators, electrical cable holders, radiator covers
• HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES for washing machine filters, washing machine drums, burners, stove linings
• FOOD INDUSTRIES for cheese wheels, mills, debarkers and coffee roasters, tea sieves, presses, dryers for legumes, fruit and pasta
• GAS INDUSTRIES for gas purifiers, rotary and vibrating screens
• AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES for floors and steps, oil filters, silencers, radiator covers, air filters
• MINING INDUSTRIES for elevator buckets, mine cages, coal washers, rotary and vibrating screens
• INDUSTRIAL BUILDING for smoke and dust abatement systems, humidification systems for walking air, anti-noise coatings for engine testing rooms
• NAVAL CONSTRUCTIONS for platforms, stairs and gangways, supports or walkways for electric cables, silencers
• PAPER MILLS for filters, paper pulp diffusers, laundry and classification
• QUARRIES AND FURNACES for drying panels, elevator buckets, feed chutes for crushers, ovens, rotary and vibrating screens
• RAILWAYS for floors, containers and carriages, steps, ventilation grilles, acoustic panels, filters, radiator covers, luggage racks, spark arresters
• DISTILLERY INDUSTRIES for diffuser gaskets, elevator cups, beet washing, pulp outlets, centrifuges
• WATER SYSTEMS for sounding pipes, filters, water purification
• GENERAL USES for sound insulation, air conditioning, air vents, ball mills, baskets, boxes, locker rooms, strainers, decorations, grids, supports

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